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Improving productivity and efficiency in content and other timely business communication creation.

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"Our new content management system (Storefront) deployment with Toppan Merrill was very smooth.  From the training to the last minute details, the experience was top notch.  The Toppan Merrill team made the transition from our previous vendor so seamless and easy.  We are very appreciative of Toppan Merrill's patience, understanding and hard work! It has really paid off for our team and we could not be more excited to continue or work together!"

- VP of Marketing Operations

Spending countless hours ensuring your teams are empowered in the field and enabled to grow the business.

If You're Dealing with...

Ongoing scheduled content maintenance requiring disparate data gathering across multiple locations, manual updating, and tight deadlines.

Managing unused marketing collateral inventories, fulfillment requests, printing, mailing, and approval processes to optimize marketing operations efficiency.

An Expert Enabled Solution 

for All Your Communication Needs

Streamline your data collection and normalization along with flexibility and control for all your content and business communication needs.

Connect users, manage inventory and orders, and drive costs out of your business through controlled order processing while reducing costs and decreasing administrative tasks.

Store, manage, and distribute all your content and communications in an intuitive centralized and automated solution. Easily and accurately reach all your customers through whichever channel they prefer, whether it be electronic or print communications (or both), you can leverage a single source of truth for your communications.

We'll Help You...

Transform existing static content into dynamic documents that can be automated and accurately updated across content instantly.

A single-source of truth that you don't have to learn and manage (that's where we come in).

Our expert team stays up-to-date on the latest regulations and in the trenches to support you.

Everything you need to create, manage, produce, and distribute all of your communications.




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Here's how we helped a financial services company fast track a print and fulfillment ordering portal to eliminate disruptions in marketing operations


The Company was challenged to find a new supplier to provide ordering and fulfillment of their marketing kits and materials after being informed by the current supplier that their service would be discontinued.


The Company was left with less than five months to find a new supplier that would be able to not only service their current needs, but complete implementation for three of their business units in a very short timeframe.


Toppan Merrill put together a creative phased approach to accomplish the clients’ immediate needs and technology enhancements without jeopardizing the launch date with our Control Center Solution. 

●Phase one included an easy-to-use ordering portal for their 1,500 kit and fulfillment items, replacing all the functionality of their current supplier.
●Phase two included new enhancements that complemented their ordering portal, such as custom kits, specialized ordering approval queue, item filtering for user groups, PDF stitching and more.


Ultimately, Toppan Merrill was able to launch The Company’s ordering portal on time and deliver the subsequent phases ahead of schedule. Toppan Merrill also managed a seamless transfer of physical materials from their existing supplier.
The Company has awarded additional work to Toppan Merrill, including the fulfillment of their promotional items and one of their largest print and direct mail project to-date. Toppan Merrill has also been awarded “preferred” status for their future print and fulfillment projects.

All your communication needs for every step of the process.

Centralize feedback, expedite approvals, fast track reusable content and eliminate bottlenecks with our Proofing & Approval and Dynamic Publishing solutions.

●Streamline workflows
●Ensure Compliance
●Track and Audit
●Increase Transparency

Streamline your overall work management and processes by creating efficiencies with our fully integrated Control Center platform.

Integrate tools such as:
●Dynamic Publishing

Everything you need in one place. Our Connect™ solution is an intuitive content management and sales enablement platform that organizes marketing collateral and other electronic, print, and fulfillment assets for marketing, sellers, and other key stakeholders.

●Access, download, customize and send materials from a centralized location.

Simplify delivery of your communications through our Media Delivery Center via email or print.
●Ensure every user receives important documents with bounce to print (Integrity Delivery) functionality. 

Track engagement with robust reporting, analytics and automatic monitoring.


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"Thanks to all of the Toppan Merrill team for making this happen so quickly.  I'm really happy with the new technology's user-experience and its capabilities by centralizing and automating addresses many of our marketing communications and distribution needs." 
- Marketing Manager